Most wedding couples faced a common issue that they are unable to know how exactly their wedding guest attendance figure and status. Which could give better view,  helps in decision making and provides great wedding guest experience. thebigday wedding guest management provide wedding couples a better solution on wedding guest attendance monitoring and tracking.

Here are 5 tips to manage and track guest attendance on your wedding day that you need, indicating that it’s time for you to take a better solution to manage your wedding guest and relax.

Watch Live Guest Check In Statistics 

Not sure whether how many percent of your wedding guest is arrived? By using thebigday wedding guest attendance app, you are able to monitor live and track guest attendance figure instantly. Auto data synchronisation enables you to watch the latest and accurate statistics that are linked with multiple devices which your wedding helper use for guest check-in.

Monitor Groom or Bride’s Guest

Wanted to know is all your invited wedding guest are attended to your wedding? Just look at the bottom of the dashboard, there are 2 cards indicate how many guest of groom or guest of bride are attended. Which also enable you to look in more details to see attended guest list and those guest not yet attended. It helps you to understand and track guest attendance status.

Get To Know Guest Category

You are allow to group your guest into different guest category. It’s a straight forward view to see attendance of specific guest category. For example, you can create a category called VIP, so you could monitor the VIP guest attendance figure and guest list in real-time at your wedding day without any hassle.

Guest Attendance Grand Table View 

In thebigday wedding guest attendance app, there is also a great table view to track guest attendance on your wedding day. Just simply look at the table colour you could understand which table is full, empty and half loaded. This gives you a grand table view of guest attendance monitoring and tracking. You could make changes according to the useful information of guest attendance in table view.

Understand Guest Attendance In Table Detail View

At the top left of table view, there is a button to expand a complete table detail view indicating more guest attendance information. Which are number of attended guest vs number of assigned guest, guest of groom or bride, guest category and etc. If you want to have a more detail view of guest attendance in table view, table detail view will be a great insight for you to watch.

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